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tekom15: Faster than agile

Die Redakteuse - 12 hours 44 min ago
So, nach der ganzen DITA-Aufregung kommen wir nun zu etwas völlig anderem. Naja, ein bisschen DITA ist auch dabei, aber hey, ihr wisst, wo ihr hier lest Ich habe mir Jang Graats Vortrag “Faster than agile” angeschaut. Gerade bin ich wieder mittendrin in einem agilen Projekt und da klang das doch vielversprechend. Vorab muss ich sagen, […] Keine verwandten Artikel Ähnliche Artikel bereitgestellt von Yet Another Related Posts Plugin. (more)

[Jobs] Bayer Diabetes Care: DITA Content Strategist

The Content - Tue, 11/24/2015 - 13:03

Bayer Diabetes Care (BDC) is looking for an individual who is keen to pair their solid understanding of DITA content strategy, development and publishing with management of all the aspects of medical device labeling including people, regulatory and translation.

Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the Life Science fields of health care and agriculture. Its products and services are designed to benefit people and improve their quality of life. Bayer (more)

Inconsistenty in Word’s picture sizing

Core Dump 2.0 - Tue, 11/24/2015 - 04:07

I came across an annoying, and puzzling, inconsistency in the way that Word 2013 handles picture sizing.

Generally, in earlier versions of Word, when I wanted to resize a picture (usually a screen capture), I would right-click on it and select Format Picture from the context menu. That opened a dialog box where I could resize the picture, either by absolute value or by scaling by percentage, and maintain the aspect ratio. In other words, I could change the width and the height would change to match.

In Word 2013, if you right-click on a picture, it opens side-bar with v (more)

3 essentials in an API get-started guide

ffeathers - a technical writer's blog - Tue, 11/24/2015 - 01:09

Developers may need to hook their application up to an API so that the app can get data from somewhere, or share data with another app, or request a service such as displaying a message to the user. The getting-started guide is one of the most important parts of an API documentation set. Often the developer can find their way around an API with just the getting-started guide and the reference documentation.

A getting-started guide for an API (Application Programming Interface) helps a developer get their application interacting with the API.

At a minimum, a getting-started (more)

Tips for developing a taxonomy in DITA

Scriptorium blog - Mon, 11/23/2015 - 08:30
When you’re coming up with a metadata strategy for your content, you should start by developing a taxonomy, or a hierarchy used to organize metadata. A taxonomy will help shape your metadata strategy and make implementation of that strategy possible. … Continue reading → (more)

Six trends set to change your workplace in 2016

Firehead - Mon, 11/23/2015 - 05:34
We like to think of Firehead as being a modern, innovative employer – we are an agile, remote-first business; we collaborate daily across countries and continents recruiting for our clients in Europe, the USA and beyond; and we hot-desk, stand-up-desk and even … Continue reading →

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2015 Prix Aurora Awards

Core Dump 2.0 - Mon, 11/23/2015 - 04:38

The 2015 Prix Aurura Awards for the best Canadian science fiction and fantasy of 2014 were awarded at SFContario 6 this weekend. Congratulations to all the winners. Here are the fiction awards:

  • Best English Novel:  A Play of Shadow by Julie E. Czerneda, DAW Books
  • Best English YA Novel: TIE:
    Lockstep by Karl Schroeder, Tor Books
    Out of This World by Charles de Lint, Razorbill Canada
  • Best English Short Fiction: “Crimson Sky” by Eric Choi, Analog, July/August
  • Best English Poem/Song: “A Hex, (more)

Explaining complicated stuff using simple words

Cherryleaf Technical Authors blog - Mon, 11/23/2015 - 03:59
Randall Munroe’s latest book Thing Explainer will be released tomorrow. In the book, Munroe uses line drawings and only the thousand most common words to provide simple explanations for...

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Ansel Adams’ photographs of Japanese internment camps

Core Dump 2.0 - Sun, 11/22/2015 - 09:49

Ansel Adams, the great American landscape photographer, shot a series of photographs of Japanese internment camps during World War II. None of these were in the major exhibition of his work shown at the McMichael Gallery a couple of years ago.

The Atlantic has a gallery of 12 of the photos and there are 46 more on the Business Insider site.


Top writing tip – go for a walk

ffeathers - a technical writer's blog - Fri, 11/20/2015 - 00:57

You know that feeling when you’ve written yourself into a corner in your blog post, presentation, thesis, or another type of document? Here’s a tip that’s helped me often to get past the corner: Go for a walk!

Take an energetic stroll. In the bush, on the beach, whatever suits you. Don’t consciously think about the problem in your document. If your brain comes up with a thought, toy with that thought in a semi-interested manner. Follow where it goes. Be open to its consequences even if they involve throwing away an entire section of your presentation, redo (more)

Dates for our next advanced technical writing & new trends course

Cherryleaf Technical Authors blog - Thu, 11/19/2015 - 08:34
Here are the dates for our next advanced technical writing & new trends course: The next public classroom course will be held on 28th January 2016, at our training centre in central London (SW7)....

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Weather Forecast: Hot, Stormy, and Violent

Core Dump 2.0 - Thu, 11/19/2015 - 04:17

It looks like this year’s El Nino event is going to be a record-setter and that doesn’t bode well for much of the world.

We already knew the Godzilla Cthulhu Sauron El Niño of 2015 was gonna be bad. But exactly how bad are we talking? (more)

New free SF anthology inspired by Microsoft

Core Dump 2.0 - Wed, 11/18/2015 - 04:47

Microsoft has commissioned a new anthology of science fiction stories inspired by its technology. Future Visions contains stories by nine SF writers, Elizabeth Bear, Greg Bear, David Brin, , Nancy Kress, Ann Leckie, Jack McDevitt, Seanan McGuire, and Robert J. Sawyer, along with a short graphic novel by Blue Delliquanti and Michele Rosenthal, plus original illustrations by Joey Camach.

The Amazon blurb (more)

Getting Starship Troopers Right

Core Dump 2.0 - Tue, 11/17/2015 - 06:54

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m a science fiction fan and Robert Heinlein is one of my favourite writers, at least the Robert Heinlein up to and including The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. And his novel Starship Troopers is right up there at the top of list.

The movie version, however, is another story. I hated it when it came out and it took a couple more viewings before I could appreciate how Verhoeven twisted it into a pointed anti-fascist satire. On Overthinking It, John Perich (more)

My pros and cons of using Jekyll for documentation - Tue, 11/17/2015 - 03:00

We had a lively turnout at the last STC meeting. By lively, I think we had about 30+ people in attendance, and good all-around discussion.

I had the chance to meet several new people, and one person mentioned that he reads my blog; as a bonus, he had positive things to say. We got to talking, and the conversation turned to DITA (in part because of Sarah OKeefe's recent post about the controversy in (more)

Canada’s War on Science is Ending

Core Dump 2.0 - Mon, 11/16/2015 - 19:29

I’ve posted here before on the horrible treatment of science and scientists by our former and very unlamented Harper-led federal government. That war is now ending. Only a few days into its  term, the Trudeau government has already taken significant steps to redressing the wrongs committed by Harper and his henchmen.

Under Stephen Harper, journalists who requested information or interviews from federal scientists or health policy officials could expect long delays, refusals, or replies — often after (more)

Sturm und DITA-Drang at tekom

Scriptorium blog - Mon, 11/16/2015 - 07:00
This year’s tekom/tcworld conference reinforced the ongoing doctrinal chasm between North American technical communication and German technical communication. I am speaking, of course, of the proper role of DITA in technical communication. If any. Executive summary: There may be a … Continue reading → (more)

Do you need DITA?

Cherryleaf Technical Authors blog - Mon, 11/16/2015 - 03:29
Judging by Social Media last week, there were many strong opinions at the tekom tcworld conference towards the DITA authoring standard and the associated tools. It seemed, as the philosopher...

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1941 Retro Hugos Anthology

Core Dump 2.0 - Sun, 11/15/2015 - 11:35

Members of MidAmeriCon II. the next World Science Fiction convention, will be able to select stories for the 1941 Retro Hugos as well as the regualar Hugo awards. An enterprising fan has assembled an anthology of stories that are eligible the award – most stories from that year are now in the public domain. You can download an EPUB version of the anthology from Google Drive. (If, like me, you have a Kindle, you can use Calibre to convert it to Kindle format).

File 770 has a (more)

Quantum mechanics and pi

Core Dump 2.0 - Sat, 11/14/2015 - 18:51

For you math geeks out here, this is truly fascinating. It’s an elegant bit of higher math that shows that there’s a relationship between the value of pi and the quantum energy states of an electron.

As an aside, the high point of my university physics studies was when our physic prof showed us that you could derive Einstein’s famous e=mc^2 from Schrodinger’s wave function. It was a beautiful piece of reasoning, as elegant as a Bach étude.

Take a lo (more)