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To-Do list

create/add TCA favicon -- contributed by Bob Chapman, will be added shortly

site design/CSS work -- we're in the process of constructing a layout. Forums need work, etc.

content architecture
menu structure -- more menus as we add content.

front page design -- under construction.
profile page design -- These pages need serious work!

blog post aggregator: This is working but requires manual addition of feeds. In the next version, we intend to use the blog references reported in user profiles.

twitter aggregator: Currently using the #techcomm stream instead of a custom aggregator.

official steering committee

regular versus pro levels?

initial forum structure -- submit requests for additional forum stubs in the forums and we'll add them. Users can already add new topics to the General Discussion forum.

RSS -- provide better RSS, especially RSS subscription for the forums.

Calendar -- There is now a placeholder page. We need to wait for some additional development on Calendar, Views, and Date API modules before we can implement the calendar feature.

spam: we're now using Mollom to take care of this.



rrchapman's picture

To whom do you send a proposed favicon.ico file for this site? I created one using the "T" from the logo graphic at the top of the page.

Bob Chapman

A technical communicator with a Honda VTX 1800S. Living by the banks of Possession Sound on the Salish Sea.
Post as if the person who makes the decision on your next possible contract is reading.

Thanks, Bob! Send it to and I'll post it!

(Sarah O'Keefe)

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