5 Great Honeymoon Destinations in Mauritius

When planning a honeymoon to Mauritius, it is important to consider all the available options and destinations. Whether you choose to spend your vacation in the tropical paradise of Port Louis or exploring the beaches and lush rainforests of the north, there are places in Mauritius that will suit your interests and personal tastes.

Mauritius, a tiny Indian Ocean island country, is popular for its stunning beaches, lush forests and lagoons. The mountainous interior boasts a variety of national parks, rainforests and hiking trails, with waterfalls, forests and animal-viewing sites including the flying fox and the black river gorges. Capital Port Louis includes sites including the Champs de Mars, Eureka plantation and Sir Seewoo Sagur Ramgoolam botanical gardens. A visit to the city’s famous Blue Mountain would be a good place to begin.

Some people choose to spend their honeymoon to Mauritius on a private island or resort. These private and self catering islands are unique to Mauritius in that they have all the amenities that you could need while still remaining private. Luxury accommodation in Mauritius includes sun deck villas and yachts. Luxury hotels, beach resorts and villas are often booked out for extended stays and offer everything from private pools, Jacuzzis and saunas to swimming pools, restaurants and fitness centers.

If you wish to go a bit off the beaten path and enjoy a truly unique experience for your honeymoon destinations in Mauritius then a day trip might be just what you need. The region offers plenty of things to do, with things such as exploring the jungle canopy on horseback, going trekking on the Andaman and Deccan Plateau, exploring the stunning coastline, strolling through the beaches or sailing or kayaking in the seaside rivers. Many of these tours can be arranged through an agency and you’ll be guaranteed to enjoy the experience that you book with a lot of expertise.

For couples, Mauritius is a great place to go honeymoon if they want something more romantic than traditional honeymoons. Romantic cruises, a stroll along the beaches or a romantic dinner cruise offer couples an opportunity to enjoy their time together without the pressure of going to each location separately.

In addition to private islands and romantic cruises, some of the best honeymoon destinations in Mauritius are more active and offer a variety of activities. For those who want to experience some tropical weather but want a more traditional honeymoon, the many water sports on the island should be considered.

Water sport activities on Mauritius include snorkeling, kite boarding, fishing and boating. Kayaking is one of the popular water sport activities on Mauritius, although you should contact an expert before taking this sport, particularly in the wet season. Kayaking can be dangerous and you should contact an expert if you want to take this activity safely.

There are also a range of places where you can spend your honeymoon in Mauritius that are not necessarily water based but offer activities such as walking, cycling and mountain biking. Bicycles are an activity that is popular and there are a number of guided tour groups that you can hire to take you on your bike tours around the country.

Although there is no direct flights from the UK to Mauritius, there are plenty of companies that offer holiday packages that include flights and accommodation at one of the many resorts in Mauritius. Many of these are quite expensive and there are also holiday rentals in the towns that you can stay in while enjoying a relaxing and romantic evening in the sun.

The beach resorts in Mauritius that you would love to stay in during your honeymoon include Laayoune, Le Malmaison and St Jean. Marie. Although you will find many tourists staying in these beautiful resorts, they do not all stay during the whole year and many families visit on special occasions and still make the most of their holiday in Mauritius by spending the whole day in these beautiful and relaxing and idyllic resorts.

Villas and self catering apartments and cottages are also popular options and most people choose these for their honeymoon destinations. Villas and self catering apartments are quite affordable and provide a luxurious feel, although it’s not necessary to stay in a large hotel for your honeymoon. Most people opt for villas or self catering apartments for their honeymoon, which offer a more intimate feel and give you the feeling that you’re in the middle of the action while relaxing at home.

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