The UNESCO-listed Biosphere Reserve in Spain is a popular attraction for visitors to the country. It is an unspoiled paradise on earth where all wildlife can be found including many birds and animals that live in the lush green surroundings. The Biosphere Reserve was established in 1976 with the aimRead More →

Tbilisi is what every culture lover, art lover, fashion lover and holidaymakers from all over the world want to visit now; a vibrant destination, that combines tradition with modernity, cuisine and history, culture and recreation. For many years the capital of Georgia has been the most popular tourist spot forRead More →

Greece is a beautiful country in southeast European with many islands on both the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Its cultural influence dates back to ancient times, from the ruins of Olympia to the famed Acropolis at Athens. Athens, the capital, has many beautiful sights, including the Parthenon temple, built ofRead More →

If you are looking forward to a peaceful holiday, travel in Colmar, France is the best choice. It has some of the finest and most beautiful countryside that one can think of. The city is also very romantic with its rich history. People from all over Europe and North AmericaRead More →

Europe is basically a continent situated in the Northern hemisphere and primarily in the Eastern hemisphere. It is bordered on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and on the north by the Arctic Ocean. Europe also includes parts of Russia and Turkey. The countries of the European Union are theRead More →

Europe is an ever-changing continent located mostly in the North Hemisphere and in most cases in Europe. It includes the central part of Europe, as well as the Middle East, Russia and Turkey and includes the Western Mediterranean. It also includes the eastern part of Europe and the Baltic statesRead More →