Motivational Interview Questions – In Our Support and Affection For This Position

Many of you have probably had the experience of asking questions in an interview only to have them declined. While that was certainly the case with me, it is far from the norm. As human beings we can get emotionally involved in a case or conversation even when we know that we have made a mistake. We often ask, how to ask interview result politely instead of openly telling the person we are interviewing that we haven’t made a decision yet. So, how do we ask interview result politely? This article will explain the basics of how to ask interview result politely.

First, we have to decide what we want to achieve from the position. In our support and enthusiasm for this new opportunity we have decided we want to be a team leader and be involved with all aspects of the company’s strategy. So, how to ask interview result is asking how long we have been in the business and what kind of responsibilities do we hold. In this example I have included some general questions to which we need to give specific answers. How to ask interview result in this example includes determining if we have the necessary skills, education and experience to run this kind of business.

Next we need to determine our commitment level to the company. We may ask as many questions as we like. However, each question we ask should be anchored in what we promised and how we will fulfill our commitment. For example, I said I would commit ten percent of my sales to customer service in our first year.

And lastly we need to frame our commitment for us. In our example I mentioned commitment and I framed it in terms of sales. If we are not committed to our company and the products it represents we won’t succeed. Our question “How to ask interview result” needs to include a promise to commit ten percent. If we are unable to do this we won’t get the results we want and people won’t buy from us.

When we ask questions we need to get clear on the specific questions we are asked. We should know the name of the person we are interviewing and the role they play within the organization. These things should be self-explanatory and be written down.

We should understand the function of the company and the product we are being asked to support. For example, we were asked about three functions, one personal, one sales and one support. As a part of the support function we are expected to answer client questions. The personal question refers to how we personally support the product. The sales question is how well we sell the product. And the last question is, what support we will give the clients.

We should get clear on what we are expected to do after an interview and what kind of communication we are going to have with the potential employer. It is very important to get clear on what is expected of us during the interview. If at an interview we get unclear on what we were asked we may not be given the specific question we were asked and this could negatively impact the outcome of the interview.

We must be positive and answer questions with enthusiasm. If we don’t we will look at the interview as a disappointment and that will reflect in our performance. On the other hand if we are enthusiastic we will give great answers and we won’t feel as though we were given any opportunity to ask questions. Positive energy is contagious. Keep your energy positive and your work will reflect it.

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