Spend Your Holiday in the Best Promenade Town

The Rijeka Museum and The Old Town are two of the most famous tourist attractions in the Rijeka. These tourist spots offer numerous sights and sounds that will make your trip to the Croatian capital unforgettable. These places of interest are easily accessible from any major airport in the world and also cost much less than a visit to another European city.

The Old Town is not only home to historical buildings, but is also one of the most beautiful areas of the city. The Old Town is one of the oldest parts of the city and has a very historic charm. You can enjoy a walk along the banks of the Vlaso River or spend some time in the Old Town Square where you can catch sight of the Rijeka Castle. While in the Old Town, you can also stop at the Old Market, which is a must for shopping.

During the time of the 16th century, the Old Market was the place where people gathered to buy and sell their wares and this is still the case today. There is no other place in the entire city like the Old Market. If you want to have a taste of the food and the wine, you must stop at the Old Market to enjoy the local delicacies.

The Old Town Square is a huge square that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This area was once the place where all the people gathered to celebrate the festivities of the carnival. You can also walk around the Old Town and catch sight of the traditional clock tower. A great number of tourists visit this area during the carnival season, as it is a real eye candy.

The Rijeka Botanical Gardens are also a must see spot during the carnival season. Here, you can observe the different exotic flowers and the animals that live on these plants. The Rijeka Botanical Gardens also houses a few of the world’s rarest and endangered species of plants.

If you prefer to go out and explore the sights and sounds of the city then you should visit the Rijeka Castle. Here, you can enjoy a tour around the castle and watch the activities that take place here such as the daily celebrations taking place in the castle courtyard. You can also visit the historical and prehistoric parts of the town to see what has been there since the times of the Romans. and Greeks.

If you are interested in history and culture then the Rijeka is the place for you. If you wish to get a glimpse of the ancient times of the city, then you should spend some time in the Old Town Square and visit the Rijeka Castle. If you are not interested in these ancient ruins then you can enjoy a guided tour of the city by a well-experienced tour guide that will take you around the city.

You can also visit the Old Town Square and enjoy a walk around the Rijeka Castle during the carnival season. After enjoying a delicious meal at the restaurant in the Old Town Square, you can return back to your hotel to enjoy the sounds and sights of the city with your loved ones. You will be able to enjoy many activities and events at the carnival such as street performers, musical performances and parades.

If you are looking for shopping then Rijeka is the place for you. You can shop during the day during the carnival season and then enjoy a night party in the bars and clubs that are located along the Old Town Square.

If you have any other interests then Rijeka is definitely the right destination for you. The city has a number of restaurants and bars for you to enjoy. The local people living in the city love to spend their holidays in the restaurants and bars that are situated in the area. These people spend their holiday at these places because it is a great place to spend the holiday period.

You can go shopping in Rijeka during the day and enjoy a night party in the bars and clubs or just relax and enjoy some quiet moments in the restaurants and pubs. Whatever you want to do in the city, you will surely find everything here to satisfy your taste.

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