What Really Is The Biggest Fight In Boxing?

Boxing fans have been trying to get a fight with WWE star, Anthony Joshua. Joshua is scheduled to fight against light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones in the Main Event of the World Boxing Super Series this July in Las Vegas, Nevada. Many boxing insiders expect it to be an incredible fight, especially since Jones is known for being one of the top pound for pound fighters in the sport. It’s not known if Hearn will be able to broker a deal for Joshua to face Jones, but there have been some rumors floating around for quite some time now.

How much money does a fight worth have to have? Well, most of the sports books in Vegas and other MMA arenas have been saying that a mega-fight could earn anywhere between six figure earnings for the fighters involved and even more for the television station and production company that produced the event. That’s a pretty big payday for a fighter, especially when you consider that they only have a certain amount of time to get ready for the fight. But, do you think that the amount of money involved is enough to get anything done? Well, that all depends on who you talk to.

Some say that it is not even close. There are those that say that it is going to be a huge payday for Anthony Joshua, and then there are those that say it’s going to be a devastating loss for him. If that was to happen, then the money involved would be huge. But, if that happens, wouldn’t everybody be saying that it was a terrible decision to put him into a fight he was not prepared for? That would make the money involved in boxing a lot higher than it needs to be, and it would lead to some chaos in the world of boxing.

Now, before we get too far into this, we need to understand how this fight came about. When Joshua (20-0) got in the ring with opponent and fellow Briton James Thompson, it was supposed to be a very good fight. The fight wasn’t expected to draw much attention, as it was supposed to be a clash between two of the best light heavyweights in the world, and there was little that anyone could do about it. The only thing that many people could have done was to watch closely to see if either fighter was going to do anything fancy, or indeed do anything in the ring other than just throw punches.

However, as the fight began, it became clear that this wasn’t just another fight. Thompson began to taunt Joshua about his lack of style, and even mentioned that he didn’t know what he was doing. After some time, it became clear that no one in the fight was actually trying to win, but rather it was more of an exhibition than anything else. Joshua seemed to go easy on Thompson, and it became clear that if he fought another American like him he could easily dispatch him.

After the fight, a lot of American media was talking about it. Most of the stories were about how Hearn really believed that he had won the fight. He was so confident that he went on to say that he felt like Anthony Joshua really had been defeated by somebody who had never thrown a punch in his life. In fact, he even claimed that he hadn’t even touched Anthony Joshua during the course of the fight, yet he had kept attacking the Englishman.

This is not really new news. There have been many people who have made similar claims throughout the years. However, what many people are taking issue with is that Hearn has made a lot of comments after the fact, and not before the fight. Instead of saying that Anthony Joshua simply got beat up, he should have said that he impressed the American audience, which would have been true, because he did impress them quite well in what he presented to them.

Many people say that it’s wrong to go after someone who hasn’t thrown a punch in their entire life, especially when they’re still competing. However, there’s no real evidence to back up those claims, because knockout victories aren’t really commonplace in sports. So, while it may be true that Hearn has had some impressive wins throughout his boxing career, the win over Anthony Joshua was only a payday victory, so it doesn’t mean that he can’t win other fights. It might just be hard for him to get the big one down.

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